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We live by the motto "Do it right the first time"

We can either provide an existing product that can be imprinted with the customer’s brand or support the development of a new product. Finding an existing product and confirming brand placement can take as little as 90 days for the first delivery, whereas new product development can take up to 12 months.

Using the customer's specifications, we develop a value chain analysis based on cost or differentiation. We make sure our customers fully understand their options.

Our products lines include Large Home Appliances, Elegant Fireplaces, Patio Heaters and e-Mobility Solutions for your comfort. Using the Value Chain Analysis developed for the customer, we provide a broad span of options from which customers can choose the end-product that will best meet their needs.

Our engineers work with the customer throughout the design phase of product development to make sure that the final design incorporates all specifications and provides alerts about any issues along the way. We then work with our supplier to design and construct the required tooling and provide our customers with ``off tool`` samples.

Our engineering team follows product development every step of the way, including regular engineering checks and quality inspections. We manage the product's safety and performance approvals for different markets (CE, UL, CB, SAA) using world-class independent testing and approval laboratories.

We can manage the product's artwork, from creating the product's instruction manual and service manual to drawing exploded diagrams and designing the packaging.

When it comes to shipping, we are there throughout the process, from ensuring that all components comply with the safety approval certification and specification to conducting the final goods inspection to being on site to monitor the loading of the goods to confirming that all the necessary paperwork is in order so that the shipment arrives in a timely manner.

Our goal is to provide an outstanding customer experience. We want customer feedback so that we can continuously improve the quality of the product and our service.

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