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"Our objective is to exceed your expectations in everything we do."

At Think Global, we want our customers to succeed. Our talented team of professionals has the experience and expertise to source or produce goods for you or to represent your business in China. Our objective is to exceed your expectations in everything we do.

Think Global has already vetted the factories, so we make the process of finding the right product for your brand or developing your ODM seamless. Please check out our existing line of products, which can be imprinted with your brand. We hold the golden sample for all the products we represent.

We offer a wide range of large home appliances and accessories that can be branded under your company name. Examples of some of the readymade products available . READ MORE

Whether you are looking for a classic look or a modern style, Think Global has the perfect solutions for your fireplace. All inserts use a remote temperature control.
Our mantels come in different finishes :
• precious woods : Oak, Teak, Mahogany, Walnut,
• or lacquer : White, Grey, Black in Mat, dull or semi-dull finishes
• or semifinished (to primer only) so you can match the decor of your home READ MORE

The place to entertain and relax, eat and drink in the company of family members and friends, enjoying a casual conversation. With Think Global outstanding BBQs Grills and Patio Heaters your Patio looks more comfortable.
Think Global has vetted leading, professional-grade, luxury built-in barbecue manufacturers with a passion for their products. With their smooth lines, easy to clean, our Barbecues of a superior construction provide you with an exceptional performance and long life. READ MORE

Strech well into the fall season, the pleasure of your BBQ parties with your friends, under the warmth of our stylish design, with outstanding functionality Patio Heaters.
Our Patio Heaters, made of stainless steel, in 5 different styles and a selection of finishes for each style,
They all use standard 20lb (9kg) propane tanks. Heating coverage area span up to a 6 to 7ft radius (1.8 to 2.1m) One full 20lb propane tank provides a up to 10 hours run time.READ MORE

For short trips,up to few kilometers, combustion engine cars are increasingly defeated, by less polluting, more convenient, more fun solutions which above all are also, much lighter to your wallet.
Think Global offers attractive, reliable e-Bikes and Mobility Scooter
e-Bikes models answering different needs in the users daily life.
Drifter: is a category of hybrid bikes oriented towards riders who want the multi-surface versatility of a hybrid bike a little more aggressive style and riding position.READ MORE
T7 : is a reactive and fast handling, nimble and agile bike. The Drop bar offers a more aerodynamic position and more hand positions, which is great for endurance riding and high-speed Cycling.READ MORE

Janna: Janna is a (European Style) city bike, which offers a smooth experience getting on and off the bike. Standing is easier with the step-through frame which is helpful for stopping at traffic lights.
Yue: is a folding bike which eliminates the need for locking it up or worrying about storage in the vicinity. The handlebar and seat are very adjustable so several people in a household can share one.
Betsy: is a fun ride, great in urban environments but also provides a confidence inspiring ride on rougher terrain. READ MORE

Mobility Scooters
Think Global presents two models:

A Three Wheels model: KPL00301, Turning Radius 112cm, Ma×Speed 6.6km/h, Range:16-20km, and
A Four Wheels models, in three options:
KPL00102: The basic
KPL00202: With Suspension
KPL00203: With Suspension + large battery (45km range)
All models include:
- Detachable battery pack for off board charging.
- Quickly dismantles without tools for easy transport and storage.
- Non-marking puncture proof tyres.
- Comfortable adjustable height seat and 360 ? spinning
- Flip up and width adjustable armrests.
- Adjustable angle tiller. READ MORE

Contact Think Global with any questions or a request for further information.Contact Us